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BREAKING NEWS: Tim's name is on today's clemency list!!!!Commutation Grant: Prison sentence commuted to expire on August 30, 2018, conditioned upon enrollment in residential drug treatment.​

Tampa Tribune

    Imagine that back in your mid 20’s, you made a few mistakes and broke a few laws, three of them 
    to be exact. No, you did not kill anyone, you did not rob, you did not rape, you did not harm anyone
    in any way. You were a follower of the “Grateful Dead” and spent several tours following the band around selling beer, fried dough and LSD to your fellow “Deadheads” and to friends back home. You were busted twice for possession and selling, but never sent to prison to learn any lessons. You were held in county jail a couple of times until you could make bail, and also sent to a mental ward/detox facility. However, upon your 3rd conviction at age 25, instead of receiving an expected 10 or 20 year term that your "public defender" promised, our court system locked you away, and literally threw away the key. 

    Timothy Tyler is currently serving a LIFE SENTENCE WITHOUT PAROLE.

    Tim has served over 22 years, he is now 45 years old... and there is no end in sight to this nightmare.

    "I know the rent is in arrears, The dog has not been fed in years,
    It's even worse than it appears, But it's all right
    . I will get by...
    I will survive."